Training Program Financial Education Programs

Arabian Morgan & Associates is dedicated to inspiring your employees to "take action" and improve their own financial well-being.

Never again should your employees be destroyed financially for a lack of knowledge. As trained Certified Public Accountants, we are committed to helping your employees become financially astute in the areas of:

  Company Benefit Plans
  Money Management
  Investment Planning
  Retirement Planning
  Estate Planning
  Stock Option Planning
  Education Funding
  Life Events

Education is our goal. We will tailor a program to meet your company’s needs. Whether in the form of lunch time seminars, full or half-day workshops, or one-on-one counseling, your employees will have the necessary financial education to proceed with confidence in dealing with personal financial planning matters.

Objectivity is guaranteed! Arabian Morgan & Associates is not involved in the sale or endorsement of any investment or insurance products as a matter of policy. We are a fee only service provider. As such, we provide our services objectively, focusing on the best interest of your employees.



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