Training Program Impression Management

In today’s business world, perception can equal reality. Regardless of what impression your employees’ think they are giving, the other person’s perception is what counts. If your company wants to be successful with people and your clients, your employees will have to display the right reality.

Everyone your employees meet will form an impression of your company based on what they perceive of your employees. Your company has to be proactive, and with careful training your employees can learn to manage that impression.

Arabian Morgan & Associates will design an impression management program to help your employees manage the impression your company wants to portray. Some areas that have assisted our current clients include:

First Impressions/Greetings
Time Management
Verbal, Written and Electronic Communications 
Table and Dining Manners
Social Graces for the New Millennium
Business Etiquette
Personal Management
Workspace Management
Office Decorum
Corporate Meeting Protocol
Executive Entertaining
Hosting Officials
Networking Effectively
Communicating Effectively



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